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Aluminum Balcony Balusters
  • Aluminum Balcony Balusters

    Product Abstract:

    Aluminum Balcony Balusters

    Features: 1. using Aluminum Alloy as material, 

                   2. has the advantage of easy to install, 

                   3. good whiteness, transparency, refractivity and hardness. 

                   4. Different size is available, welcome to be customized.

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     Aluminum blacony balusters 


    Height H(mm)1150115011501150
    Column spacing L(mm)300030003000 3000
    Surface pipe40*8040*6042*8530*60
    Column (mm)50*5040*4040*4040*40
    Vertical rod (mm)25*2516*1619*1915*15

    ADVANTAGE of Balcony Guardrail Design

    a) 30years without rust

    b) Hardness: can resist tensile force and impact force.

    c) Corrosion resistance: The surface is tightly attached to a hard aluminum oxide film. After paint or powder surface treatment, can further improve the protection performance, so it has strong corrosion resistance.

    d) Good smooth surface. The advantage of aluminum can be used in the richly endowed by nature of different surface polishing technology, common paint, powder coating, anodic oxidation, electrophoresis.

    e) Safety performance

    f) Comfort: enjoy the beautiful scenery, create a comfortable and safe platform for you.

                                                                              We are supplying Aluminum profile with different types and styles:

    Aluminum Profile

                                                                                          Different types of rails are supplying.

    Aluminum Rails

                                                                         We also supply all kinds of aluminum accessories (clips) for handrail and baluster.

    Aluminum Stair Railings

    Aluminum Balcony GuardrailAluminum Balcony Guardrail