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Classification Of Functional Categories Of Iron Fence

The classification of iron fence can be divided into five categories.

1. According to the function and usage of iron fence, there are Wrought Iron Balcony Guardrail, iron air conditioning fence, iron outer wall fence, iron anti-theft fence, Wrought Iron Stair Railings and so on.

2. According to the process classification of iron fence, there are forging iron fence, casting iron fence, welding iron fence, assembling iron fence and so on.

3. According to the style of iron fence, there are European iron fence and Chinese iron fence.

4. According to the practical classification of iron art: household decorative iron art, engineering construction iron art, statuary iron art, iron art handicraft, fence iron art and so on.

5. According to the classification of iron products: generally it can be divided into indoor products and outdoor products.

Iron fence production is an important part of the field of home decoration, whether indoor or outdoor decoration, iron fence is more and more widely used. Customized iron fence should not be scratched artificially with sharp knives or other objects. The main purpose of the coatings is to prevent the fence from rusting and erosion. If it is necessary to remove one part of the fence, it is necessary to remember to install and fix the other parts to prevent children from climbing on the balcony to play, etc. It can be useful to prevent falling buildings. Production, improve balcony safety factor.

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