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Construction Technology Of The Fence

Construction Technology Of Aluminum Balcony Balusters and Aluminum Stair Railings

(1) find position and underline

Device fixings: position, elevation, slope, alignment and alignment of the spring-front tube longitudinal center line. According to the structure of designed railings, according to the bending position, Angle, draw bending or cutting Angle line. Baluster top face, draw the position of the starting point and starting point of handrail straight line section and bend, bend section.

(2) elbow configuration

Handrail surface pipe slope, with good elbow, then cut, joint fixed.

(3) the post welding required and pipe in the same vertical plane its error control within 1-2 ㎜, at the same time to organise the contraction of the degree of error and surface tube wall connection bolts or embedded parts welding stability, stress the crux of the parts is half glass railing.

(4) glass glue: the design of the railings with glass glue must ensure the width and fullness of the glue when making the glass glue.

Aluminum Balcony Balusters

Commonly used steel railings

Request of construction process and half glass railing, special attention should be paid to the clearance is all divisions gap is not greater than 115 ㎜ evenly divided, in welded steel rail want special attention to the thermal deformation of master, very easily during the welding of large area the rail surface pipe deformation and tasteful. Grinding to pay attention to matters, welding to smooth lubrication at the same time to pay attention not to play too much to hit the solder spot off will leave a major hidden danger to peace. All joint required before spray primer grey solution and grinding lubrication, all outside the paint thickness at least shall not be less than 30 ㏕ with paint must be exterior paint.