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What Height Is Reasonable For The Balcony Baluster?

What Height Is Reasonable For The Balcony Baluster?

Aluminum Balcony Guardrail Manufacturer shares that the change that follows everybody life habit is mostly when the person is choosing a room, expect to have a balcony outside very much, did not notice the height of balcony baluster nevertheless mostly person, general, height is in mostly 1 meter to 1.1 meters left and right sides, but the child height of 4 or 5 years old already achieved 1 meter above now. Huachen reporter on the xingtai a real estate outside the balcony for the field feeling. About adult will say, the height of the railing when standing is in the body about 2/3 place, but about the child with height in 1 meter above, if stepping on bench can lean half body easily outside the balcony, very risk. In addition some old person, the meeting is on the balcony insolate clothings, if stepping on stool to hang clothes, extremely simple occurrence syncope and fall.

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In addition, still have a kind of balcony to be built in the balcony namely wave windowsill, when a lot of people are buying a house, the door model that can apt has wave window to depict, after having the child nevertheless, mom and dad of some young can discover wave window to exist safe hidden trouble. It is understood that most indoor piao windowsill, from the ground to the height of the window is about 0.7 meters to 0.9 meters, the children under 5 years old can easily climb up, which has children of the family is a great safety risk.

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