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Appearance Processing of Prison Fence

Prison fences can be installed on the ground and can also be installed on the wall to avoid climbing.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

The prison fence net is also called "Y-type safety protection net". It is composed of V-shaped support columns, reinforced welding nets, safety anti-theft connectors and hot-dip galvanized blade barbed cages to form a high level of strength and safety protection. These years, they have been widely used in prisons, military bases and other high-security places. If blade barbed wire and blade barbed wire are installed on the top of the prison fence net, the safety protection function is greatly enhanced. The use of electroplating, hot-dip plating, plastic spray, impregnation, and other anti-corrosion measures, has excellent anti-aging, anti-sun, weather and other features. The galvanized chain link fences are beautiful in appearance and diverse in design. They not only play a fence effect but also have a beautifying effect. Mesh connection method selection of special SBS tight fasteners, useful to avoid the destructive demolition of man-made, horizontal four folding ribs, the apparent strength of the mesh surface added.

The primary purpose of the chain link fence: prison, airport closure, private area, military heavy land, field fence, development zone blocking the use of the network.