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How to design a beautiful balcony guardrail?

Of the balcony decorate commonly: of the balcony decorate delicate simple but elegant for, do not act wildly wildly, maintain clean and orderly good. The metope of balcony side, ground can do a few essence to decorate, see individual interest will also can transform a fitness place, perhaps put a few pure and fresh and delightful thing to wait like pure wood swing, also can plant flowers and plants in the balcony, build garden small space, add natural scene for household. At the same time the balcony guardrail with fashionable and safe better performance is one of our indispensable protective equipment, install guardrail to must choose the product from normal Balcony Railing Manufacturer so. But if be the balcony is close to the word of the kitchen, can use the one horn building of the balcony a store content ark, deposit a few vegetable food or the article that do not often use. The balcony that USES for resting, meal, also can put a few fold furniture.

The balcony faces to want to choose accurate: the azimuth choice of the balcony is the first problem of balcony geomantic, geomantic in explain, balcony azimuth is beautiful with southeast direction.

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The balcony, it is to live in the life in be close to with nature, the sunshine outside full absorption curbside, air and wind and rain, it is to live in the main passageway that na qi. But a lot of open mode balconies are separated with vitreous door, window come. So vulnerable to the outside world, the influence of noise, so, for the whole house of feng shui, the balcony has a very important role, must follow certain laws of "feng shui", balcony guardrail is, however, to protect the balcony necessary for safety, the balcony commonly so need to install the Balcony Guardrail, to deserve to act the role of complementary to each other.

Balcony guardrail manufacturer introduces to: geomantic learn to often speak purple gas east comes, alleged purple gas, it is lucky gas, and lucky gas enters the residence through the balcony inside, can a lucky and safe. And sunrise east, the sun can illuminate into the balcony early in the morning, whole curtilage appears already brightness is warm, the family also is in good health accordingly spirit. And the word that the balcony faces south, answered "fumigation south comes" view, warm and delightful fumigation can let a person revel in among them, this also is wonderful on geomantic. Besides, the azimuth of the balcony faces the azimuth that still is concerned with the balcony inside the residence.