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Cast Iron Fence Development Process

The Cast Iron Fence is a kind of safety protection product. It combines the earliest wrought iron craftsmanship. The earliest origin of iron art and the ancient European craftsmanship, the earliest table, couch, coffee table, candlestick, cargo cabinet, flower stand, magazine rack, etc. , or fine or rough, or bright or dark, or modern or quaint, with its unique style, is injecting fresh air into our home decoration today.

With the development of society and the extension of technology, wire mesh products are ingeniously combined with wrought iron craftsmanship to develop wrought iron fence products with safety protection and elegant appearance.

The iron fence adopts an assembled overall frame structure, which is conducive to construction and convenient and quick to install. The connection between the mesh and the column is made of a semi-circular head and neck bolt with an anti-theft washer to prevent the barrier from being manually disassembled. Suitable for mass production, as a road or park community isolation network, generally no more than 2 meters in height, in harmony with the natural environment. You can also set the color according to different needs from Decorative Iron Fence Factory.

Cast Iron Fence