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How To Solve The Short Board Of Cast Iron Fence Quality?

Cast Iron Fence production requires four processes of molding, casting, sand cleaning and painting. The most critical process is the pouring process, which determines the main elements of smelting molten iron quality, temperature and material. The cast iron fence is made of cast iron. The advantages are strong, durable, reliable, well-structured, easy to install, not restricted by terrain fluctuations. It is suitable for large-area use. It also has its own beauty: heavy, simple, clear and malleable. According to customer requirements, cast iron fences of various specifications and styles. It is not easy to rust and is affordable. The disadvantage is that it is brittle and smooth. Paint every 3-5 years. In order to solve this problem, the molten iron can be modulated according to the characteristics of the cast iron fence, so that the cast iron fence has good toughness and smoothness.

The Welded Wire Mesh Fence is used for the green belt on both sides of the city road and the decoration of the green screen of the community. It not only plays a good role in isolation and protection, but also can be the best decoration product of the community. Another point is that everyone pays more attention to the price. It is a building material with good sales in the market.

Welded Wire Mesh Fence