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How To Choose The Right Balcony Rail?

The Balcony Guardrail is now an important basis for ensuring family safety. Therefore, how to buy a balcony fence becomes a problem that every homeowner needs to consider carefully.

1, the choice of material

The balcony guardrail is exposed to the sun, rain and rain all day long, so the quality of the guardrail must be taken seriously.

First of all, the raw material of the balcony guardrail should have anti-corrosion, waterproof and moisture resistance.

Second, the hardness of the balcony guardrail material is necessary to reach the safety goal of its load bearing. Because when it is impacted by an external force, it needs a certain anti-deformation function.

In the end, the weight of the balcony guardrails was the problem. Because, about different balconies, their load-bearing capacity is different. In particular, the vacant balconies cannot be equipped with heavy-weight balcony rails.

2, the choice of beauty

Different materials for balcony guardrails give people different visual effects.

First of all, the glass balcony rails have a clear appearance and are very modern.

Secondly, the Wrought Iron Balcony Guardrail is elegant and differently curved, and painted with different anti-corrosion paints. The wrought iron balcony railing is also a classic decoration on the balcony.

Finally, as far as the appearance of the decoration effect, the pure stone balcony guardrail is more atmospheric.

In general, no matter what kind of balcony fences are used for balcony materials, it must be with certain aesthetics. In its visual function, it can complement the decoration style of balconies.

3, the size of the choice

The height of the balcony rails is a standard size requirement.

First and foremost, the height of the guardrail net reaches 1.05 meters on the balcony with a height of 24 meters below the center (low and medium balcony);

Second, when the height of the air-conditioned space is 24 meters or higher (middle and high-rise balconies), the net height of the balcony fence reaches 1.10 meters. Finally, the balcony fence is also very sophisticated. According to the standard of the balcony railing device, the clear distance between the balcony fences should not exceed 0.11m.

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