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How To Design A Garden Landscape Railing To Be Exquisite?

Railings are widely used in garden landscapes. The design of railings is very important. It is necessary to determine the materials, composition and scale of the materials according to the specific environment and their functions to achieve safety and aesthetics. Let Welded Wire Fence Factory talk about how to design landscape railings!

1, the material used for railings

There are many kinds of materials for making railings, such as wood, stone, bamboo, Decorative Iron Fence, stainless steel, etc. The most commonly used combination of steel and cast iron, cast aluminum, each material has its own advantages, it is recommended to combine the customer's budget and beautiful Consider the comprehensive consideration of the degree and select the appropriate railing materials.

2, the composition of the railing

The composition of the railings should be beautiful, and all should be beautiful, repeated in a long interval, and then produce a rhythmic beauty. In addition, in addition to the beautiful composition of the railings, it is also necessary to consider the cost, to be dense and dense, the materials used properly, and can not exceed the budget.

3. Planning requirements for railings

The shape of the low column is sometimes straight up, sometimes made wavy, as long as the shape is beautiful, the structure is firm, and the spacing between the bars is not too big, which saves the cost and is easy to maintain.

5, the railings of the rod

In addition to the need for composition, the selection and structure of the railings themselves must be carefully studied.

1 To make full use of the section height of the rod, improve the strength and facilitate construction.

The shape of the 2 rods should be reasonable.

3 The direction of the force transmission of the railing should be straightforward. As long as you understand some common sense of mechanics, you can combine art and skills in landscape planning to plan beautiful and durable railings.

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