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Denmark Backed A Motion To Erect Fence To Protect Pork Exports

The authorities and ally the Danish People's Party agreed on Thursday to several suggestions aimed at preventing the African swine fever virus from spreading one of the nation's big pig population.

Those steps include a weapon to operate across a large stretch of the border with Germany.

"I don't wish to take any danger. We've got an export business worth 11 billion kroner (1.5 billion euros) annually that could be placed in danger," Minister for Food and the Environment Esben Lunde Larsen explained via a media announcement.

"When African swine fever virus broke out in Denmark, all exports into third countries would instantly cease," the ministry added.

The virus, that induces a haemorrhagic fever with higher mortality rates in cows, reached northern Europe in 2014, together with instances located in Lithuania and Poland.

"Garden Border Fence Ideas will stop potentially contaminated wild boar from operating across the boundary and assist hunters to eliminate all wild boar out of Denmark," Larsen stated.

A new law is called for to be able to create the Border Fence, which can be predicted to be 1.5 metres tall and sunk 50 centimetres to the floor.

Borden Fence