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Don't Worry About Rust On The Zinc Steel Fence

The zinc steel guardrail is seen everywhere in people's lives. The zinc steel guardrail can be used as a Balcony Guardrail, Border Fence, traffic guard fence, and so on. For the new products such as zinc steel guardrails, people are more concerned about whether the outdoor zinc steel guard rails will be rusted after being exposed to the sun and rain, and whether they can adapt to long-term use in various environments and not easily rust. Zinc steel guardrail manufacturers have expressed their concern that the zinc steel guardrail will not rust.

First, the zinc steel balcony guardrail substrate consists of six layers.

1, steel layer (base material hardness value of 159DPN)

2. Zinc-steel alloy layer (fine alloy layer closest to the substrate, complex structure, strong corrosion resistance)

3, sub-lead layer (obvious monoclinic columnar arrangement, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant)

4, pure zinc layer (dense hexagonal system, deformation processing is not easy to break)

5, high zinc phosphating layer (with excellent corrosion resistance, enhanced adhesion of the coating and the substrate)

6, Aksu (with excellent anti-corrosion, anti-impact, anti-oxidation, self-cleaning appearance, color change rate of 15 years does not exceed 5%).

Second, the unique advantages of zinc steel balcony rails.

1. The zinc steel balcony railing adopts four layers of anti-corrosion treatment to deal with the problems of corrosion, powdering and cracking of traditional materials in a short time, and the service life can reach more than 20 years;

2, the zinc steel guardrail has outstanding flexibility, the rigidity and flexibility of the substrate make the guardrail products have better impact resistance performance;

3, zinc steel railings also have outstanding weather resistance, salt spray resistance and heat resistance, suitable for use in different regions.

Don't Worry About Rust On The Zinc Steel Fence