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What Is The Principle That Zinc-Steel Guardrail Does Not Rust?

What Is The Principle That Zinc-Steel Guardrail Does Not Rust?

Galvanized Chain Link Fence manufacturers shares that:

1: zinc steel guardrail substrate is the use of advanced corrosion resistance of high temperature hot dip zinc process consumption of zinc steel alloy.

1.1 The unique multiple anti-rust maintenance of hot dip zinc can ensure that the product has the characteristics of no more than 5% rust on the surface in ten years;

1.2 Excellent hardness: the hardness of zinc alloy reached 211DPN, 1/3 higher than that of ordinary steel 159DPN;

2: zinc steel guardrail appearance is to adopt world-class akzo Nobel color - polymer imitation enamel electrophoresis high temperature curing process, better than ordinary coating anticorrosive to 10 to 20 times, the impact force of 50 kilograms per square centimeter acceptable, and have excellent uv resistance, oxidation resistance, salt resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to fog, such as performance, gloss and its appearance, colour and lustre degree of extreme self-cleaning performance indexes such as beyond the country fence level standard, to ensure the appearance color change 20 years does not exceed 5%.

3 : processing characteristics of zinc steel guardrail products

3.1 Adopt the prevailing combination cross process, any connection is made of high-strength cast aluminum parts, no welding, to ensure that the base material is not destroyed, strengthen rust resistance;

                                                    Galvanized Chain Link Fence manufacturers

3.2 High strength improved cast aluminum connectors with uv resistance, oxidation resistance, salt and alkali resistance, weather resistance, fog resistance and other properties are far beyond the state of the first level of protective fence connectors specifications, and can accept the impact of 1.83 tons per square centimeter, service life of 50 years;

3.3 Zinc steel guardrail profile is the use of punching manufacturing, factory to punch the end can directly stop processing and manufacturing, the device is fast and cumbersome province, province time, from the past I punch trouble.

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