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What Should Be Pay Attention To When Spraying The Zinc Steel Guardrail Powder Process

Now guardrail is generally zinc steel guardrail supplied from Garden Gate Supplier In China, zinc steel guardrail in the material, decoration, environmental protection has unique advantages, and zinc steel price is not expensive. However, today is introduced: zinc steel guardrail powder matters, zinc steel guardrail in the powder spraying process, the need to pay attention to the electrical conductivity of the spreader, and the spreader on the coating should not be too thick, too thick when you can take the method of centralized burning melting to remove the coating on the appliance; Because zinc steel guardrail is heavier, must design good hang to have, requirement guardrail hangs to have firm and reliable. Today we look at the zinc steel guardrail powder when the need to pay attention to what:

1.Remove water from the zinc steel barrier.

2.Ensure that a certain thickness of powder coating can be well attached to the surface of zinc steel guardrail.

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3.Ensure that the zinc steel guardrail such as the Balcony Guardrail as soon as possible uniform heating, curing process pre-drying temperature have special regulation. For zinc steel price and zinc steel guardrail products, according to its characteristics, the use of automatic spray gun to ensure the uniform powder environmental protection, the purpose is to monitor the quality of powder spraying in real time, to ensure the stability of product quality. General pure polyphenol powder coating curing condition is 200 ℃, 10 min, by adjusting the temperature of the heating furnace and the chain speed to ensure that the curing temperature and time.

General zinc steel price is custom factory adopted the cold wind blow dry, in the process of dry, examine artifacts, for allowing defects, such as flow, foaming, grinning, hole and usable acetone diluted powder coatings, such as the association TuCheng while zinc steel guardrail not drying or spray coated the surface defects, use of waste heat curing processing for major defects need to repair, according to the different processing methods of coating thickness selection, generally have a direct on the powder spraying, mechanical grinding, deal with three methods with remover.