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The Guardrail Is A Human Ornament To Nature

Human beings are constantly striving to do two things: to modify themselves and to decorate nature. Use gorgeous clothes, eye-catching jewels, and exquisite makeup to decorate yourself to please people, including yourself and others. Use decorative sculptures such as guardrails and antique pavilions to decorate buildings, scenic areas, parks, and even mountains and rivers to prove their own attempts. Please enjoy the natural world.

The decoration of nature can't be like the greedy lady, letting the jewels of the body emit glare and glare, obscuring the aura of the person; instead, we use the heart to embellish the natural art without making mediocrity. The steel pipe guardrails on both sides of the bridge are changed into light-colored guardrail lights. When the night light-emitting fence lights are lit; the whole body emits light evenly, the colors are beautiful, bright and conspicuous, and the rainbow with the flying frame on both sides of the road becomes another landscape in the night of the town. At the same time, the lighting fence light is soft and glare-free, not glaring, especially in the rain, snow, fog weather, can guide the direction of the vehicle, and play a certain auxiliary role in the driver's line of sight and traffic safety. The product is a The road and bridge facilities that are both beautiful and used.

The outer tube of the road and bridge light is made of high-strength engineering plastic PC material tube. In addition to its light weight and beautiful appearance, its anti-collision capability is equivalent to 40% of the steel guardrail with certain safety and reliability.

The road and bridge light lamps adopt MLD or LED light source, which has long service life, energy saving, no pollution, strong vibration resistance, and can be used for a long time in high temperature and low temperature environments.

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