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Guardrail and Handrail Height Requirements

More and more balcony guardrail appeared both on functions and materials. Changing balcony guardrail and aluminum balcony guardrail are the most popular. Do you know the handrail height requirements?

Changing balcony guardrail

The “Civil Architectural Design Rules” stipulates that protective railings should be installed on the balcony, verandah, indoor cloister, inner patio, upper roof, and outdoor staircases. The height of the railing should not be less than 1.05m, and the height of the railing of high-rise buildings should be appropriate. Raise, but it should not exceed 1.20m; railings should not be left empty at a height of 0.10m above the ground or roof.

Nursery schools and kindergarten buildings: In addition to handrails placed on the stairs, handrails should be provided on the side of the wall. The height should not exceed 0.60 m. The vertical distance between the vertical lines of the balustrade should not exceed 0.11m. When the net width of the stairwell is greater than 0.20m, safety measures must be taken. Primary and secondary school building: The height of the indoor stair railing (or fence) should not be less than 900mm. The height of outdoor stairs and horizontal railings (or fences) should not be less than 1100mm. Stairs should not use easy-to-climb lattice railings. Residential buildings: The net height of balcony railings in low-rise and multi-storey residential buildings should not be lower than 1.05m, and the net height of balcony railings in middle-level and high-rise residential buildings should not be lower than 1.10m.