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How To Conduct Dog Cage Training?

Finding a safe nest to sleep is a natural instinct of the dog. Dog cage training is the use of this point, so that dogs have a happy association to the cage. As long as it is carried out properly, dog cage training is absolutely beneficial to dogs, and it also helps in decompression. However, some dog owners misuse it to detain and punish dogs, which violates the main principles of dog cage training.

1 Pick the appropriate size. The cage should have enough space for the dog to stand comfortably, sit and stretch his limbs, but not so much that it divides the cage into sleeping places and toilets.

2 Select the cage type you want. There are many types of dog cages on the market and the prices are not the same. Carefully evaluate the merits of each dog cage before choosing one.

The dog cage made of sturdy plastic has only one wire door in front, and the others are closed (but with ventilation holes). Most of these cages can be brought to the plane.

The cage made of metal mesh will not be bitten by dogs, allowing the dog to observe in all directions. However, the dog does not experience the feeling of a “kennel”. Although it is cheaper, it may not be the best choice.

3 Find a location suitable for placing a dog cage. Put the dog cage in a fixed place, which can be a room where the family often stays, and where you go in and out. But also make sure that the dog will not be disturbed during the rest time (especially at night).

4 Place things for dogs to enjoy in the cage. Dogs have special favorite toys or quilts may wish to put into the cage, so that dogs think the cage is a good place for recreation. [6] Make sure that what you put in is not bad, and that it is strong enough to prevent dogs from swallowing and suffocating.

5 Put snacks in cages. As part of the dog cage training, sprinkle some tasty snacks in the cage and let the dog have a good association with the cage.

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