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How To Identify The Quality Of The Wrought Iron Fence?

Knowing the quality of the wrought iron fence is the most important thing for individual customers and engineering customers. Then, in the future, when the wrought iron fence installation is completed, what aspects should the customer identify the quality of the wrought iron fence?

First, the thickness of the wrought iron fence

The first thing is to measure the thickness of the wrought iron fence, whether it is in conjunction with the prior contract or the thickness of the data. This is the most basic quality standard. The information must be applied strictly according to the request. In particular, the engineering wrought iron fence usually has planning drawings and skill requests. If it is not carried out as required, it will affect the later engineering inspection, regardless of the supply. Manufacturers are still engineering buyers, and they will add unnecessary trouble.

Second, is it done anti-rust treatment.

The rust prevention of wrought iron fences is very important. The first thing is to see if it is processed by galvanizing. Hot galvanizing is the best anti-rust treatment method for wrought iron fences. Usually the outdoor wrought iron fence is necessary to be hot-dip galvanized. After a period of time, the surface of the paint surface is more or less damaged, the wrought iron fence processed by the Galvanization Production Equipment, even if the paint surface is damaged, the galvanized layer is not easily corroded and rusted.

Third, the treatment of the exterior paint layer

Check if the paint layer on the exterior is uniform and is not meeting the expected request. The surface lacquer is also the main point of quality discrimination. The most common ones are baking varnish, fluorocarbon lacquer, and spray lacquer. The customer should specify the lacquering method on the surface of the wrought iron fence according to the different application environment.

Fourth, the appearance of the wrought iron fence, the pattern is not symmetrical.

This should be viewed from the whole, check whether the pattern of the wrought iron fence is symmetrical, and the asymmetrical pattern will look beautiful and affect the whole. Iron flower is the primary decoration of the Wrought Iron Fence Ornaments. It is made of various standard materials. The manufacturing of the craft involves a standard degree of doubt. For example, the curvature of the curve may be deformed by the inexperienced manufacturer. The arc is not standard, and the request itself is circular, and it may be curved into an ellipse.

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