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Introduction of Fence

Pool fence railing and border fence are the most common fences we meet. We will introduce the knowledge of fences to you.

Materials of fence

The guardrail is made of common steel, such as stainless steel, round steel pipe, square steel pipe or profiled steel plate, and iron wire. Surface treatment process: automatic electrostatic powder coating (ie spray) or spray paint. In recent years, it is also more popular than aluminum alloy plug, assembled guardrail.

Use of fence

The pillars of the guardrail are fixed to the ground with expansion bolts. It is usually installed on both sides of the logistics channel, the periphery of the production equipment, the corners of the building, the sides of the door, the edge of the cargo bed, and so on.

Effectively reduce the damage to equipment and facilities caused by accidental impact when the handling equipment is shuttled.

Fence materials include: aluminum alloy, Masteel type (durley cast iron), carbon steel (sprayed or galvanized), stainless steel, plastic steel, zinc steel, PVC and other metal guardrails.

In addition, the logistics handling equipment itself also plays a protective role. (For example, the fence at the edge of the loading platform prevents the forklift from accidentally dropping).

Pool Fence Railing