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How To Maintain The Iron Stair Railing

There is definitely a staircase design in the home of the friends. If it is a Wrought Iron Stair Railing, will it be more special than an ordinary wooden staircase? But how to maintain the wrought iron stair railing? Although the wrought iron stairs are not easily damaged by wood, they still need maintenance.

The wrought iron stair handrail is a kind of stair handrail that is sprayed into various colors on the ironwork and made into various artistic styles. Iron stair railings have their own advantages, low cost and strong artistry. However, the shortcoming is that the wrought iron stair handrail is easily corroded, and the protection is not good. The problem is worthy of Wrought Iron Stair Handrail Supplier solution. Only a good maintenance of the wrought iron stair handrail will give it a better guarantee.

The surface treatment of iron stair handrails is applied by hot-dip galvanizing. Its wrought iron craft uses hand-forged wrought iron. Electrostatic spray does not require thinner materials. The construction is environmentally friendly and non-toxic to the human body. Staircase handrail; excellent appearance of coating, strong adhesion and mechanical strength, short curing time of spraying construction, high corrosion resistance and wear resistance of coating, no need for primer.

Iron-clad stair railings and other parts that are often in contact with people have a shorter life span than other components, so they should be regularly protected with special wax or floor wax. In addition, although the paint surface of some tread plates is a light-curing wear-resistant paint, the wear resistance is relatively speaking, and it has a certain service life in itself.

Iron stair handrails should always check the joints of various parts to prevent looseness. Because the stair handrails are installed, although the engineers have connected them tightly, but with the constant changes of temperature and humidity, the components are subtle. Physical changes, these details must be noted.

In the maintenance aspect of the iron stair handrail, it is not possible to use a large amount of water to scrub in the daily cleaning. It can be sprayed on the surface with a cleaning agent and then wiped with a soft cloth, and it is strictly prohibited to use an electric heater to dry or expose to the sun. Rapid rise and fall of temperature, etc. may cause premature aging of the tread paint surface and should be avoided as much as possible.

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