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Features of airport guardrail net products

Features of airport guardrail net products:

Following shared from Pool Fence Railing Manufacturer.

1. Guardrail net goods with beautiful, useful, convenient transport and device features. Standard: 3-8mm high strength low carbon steel wire welding.

Mesh: 50*100mm 50*200mm 60*120mm, etc. Column: 50*50 60X60 rectangular steel with v-shaped frame welded on the top. Goods are hot galvanized after the selection of high-quality polyester powder electrostatic spraying weaving method: welding system. Cohesion: the first use of M card, hold card cohesion.

2. Users can adjust the terrain to adapt to the terrain when installing the device.

3. If the lateral addition of the airport guardrail network four bending reinforcement, in the overall cost of adding a few together, so that the surface strength and aesthetic perception of the obvious addition, is currently one of the most expected at home and abroad. Features: beautiful, generous, good corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, anti - climbing ability. Use: airport guardrail network is primarily suitable for the barrier around the airport protection, landscaping and anti-skip works. Airport guardrail network has a very strong protective function, beautiful, useful, convenient transport and device features.

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