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Something About The Pool Fence Railing

Beautiful fences are an important part of home improvement, such as Balcony Railings, stair railings, pool railings, and more.

As a protective feature of the swimming pool, the swimming pool guardrail is more important than the decorative function, but it is often overlooked. Many people install the guardrails often for the purpose of decoration. Sometimes the spacing between the railings is too large, the height of the railings does not meet the standard, and the young children are considered at the end, and the judging ability is poor, and the railings are used to climb up. This leaves a hidden danger of insecurity. In order to ensure the safety function of the swimming pool, the following aspects should be noted in the construction:

(1) The guardrail must be installed securely and not loose.

(2)The height of the guardrail is determined according to the specifications of the swimming pool.

(3) The spacing of the railings should not be greater than 130 to prevent children from falling from the railings.

What are the materials of the Pool Fence Railing?

1. Stainless steel swimming pool railings, presumably, stainless steel swimming pool handrails are often seen by everyone. Stainless steel swimming pool handrails are characterized by light weight and long service life. Therefore, stainless steel swimming pool handrails are not only used in public places, but also in many people’s homes. All are used stainless steel pool armrests.

2. Wrought iron swimming pool railings, wrought iron materials, swimming pool handrails are also more common, wrought iron swimming pool handrails are generally used for exotic customs. For example, in the European home environment, it is very suitable to use the iron pool handrail. The iron swimming pool handrails are easy to shape and need to be coated with a layer of paint on the outside, which is beautiful, but the life of the iron pool handrails is not as long as the stainless steel swimming pool handrails.

Pool Fence Railing