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What Are The Most Popular Pool Fence Railing Designs For 2019?

You may not have thought about the design of the Pool Fence Railings. After all, the handrails are designed to make people comfortable and safe. However, railing design is just as important as stair design. In order to make the overall look consistent, stairs and handrails, the careful choice of both is equally important.

In fact, changing the existing indoor and outdoor stair railings and railing styles is much easier than you think. All you have to do is find a professional who can quickly change the current situation.

Below these will be the most popular handrail designs for 2019:

Railing design #1 | Glass

Glass in 2019 is sure to become a popular trend. The most common is the entire piece of glass on one side of the stairs, with no visible glass markings, just as a kind of protection.

Railing Design #2 | Spool

The spools with equally spaced lines will return strongly in 2019. Similar to the Stainless Steel Stair Railing design, no need to add redundant patterns, simple lines can be used as a natural background color to match other furniture.

The most important thing is to leave simple lines.

Railing design #3 | Metal

Even the metal railings for interior stairs will look good, as you will start to see it slowly from 2019.

Most metal railings will be based on a rectangular or elliptical design, while maintaining a simple line but adding a unique touch. A noteworthy trend is that more and more mixed metal elements will be added to people's homes. Even if the railing should be a color, the decoration contrasting with the existing metal is definitely a plus item.

Railing Design #4 | Dark Green + Logs

This will be a color that is popular in 2019. It is not necessary to turn the current railings green, a large number of natural wooden railings will appear, especially bamboo will come back, especially the unique green tone of bamboo.

Railing design #5 | lines

The lines provide a strong sense of border, protecting people from falling but not blocking their sight. This will be another trend for 2019, which can be made of wood or metal, but pay attention to keeping parallel with something in the space to ensure overall harmony, both functional and stylish.

The key to the design of the 2019 railing is simplicity. Gorgeous is outdated, the materials mentioned above will appear frequently in modern style, but the material is not that important.

It should be noted that although glass may be the most popular, there may be some difficulties in life. If you can't see it, people will be nervous, especially if there is nothing to grasp, which can lead to accidents. Based on this situation, it would be better to add some details such as a metal ring on top of the glass.

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