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Changeful 4 Kinds Of Home Outfit Stair Types

1. Straight ladder: Straight ladder is the most common trapezoid in our life. Stainless Steel Stair Railing is a common material. Its main features are: simple and clear shape, saving space, if you set the platform can also be corner design. But the long straight trapezoid will look a bit monotonous and old-fashioned.

2. curved staircase: curved staircase presents a perfect arc, not only beautiful, generous, but also can be designed very spacious, especially suitable for a large home area. In addition, the curved staircase does not have the stiff feel of a straight staircase, and is the most comfortable type of walking in many forms of stairs.

3. rotating stairs: the most prominent advantage of rotating stairs is to save space in the living room. The hovering posture is beautiful and stylish, adding a lot of agility to the living room. At this time, the material of the Aluminum Stair Railing can also be considered.

4.L-shaped stairs: L-shaped stairs, like the straight ladder, the structure is simple and clear, is an ideal home decoration staircase style. According to the family's favorite, the material of the pedals and railings can be selected from glass or stainless steel and solid wood.

In short, the choice of stairs in the room, the factors to be considered are multi-faceted, the first is to make full use of the space for layout design, in addition to ensure safe and practical, making every member of the family easy to use.

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