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Advantages Of Using The Welded Mesh Gabion

The Welded Mesh Gabion is made of high corrosion-resistant, high-strength low-carbon steel wire or PVC-coated steel wire, which is made of mechanical weaving. It can be made into mesh mat for slope support, foundation pit support, mountain rock face netting. Spraying, slope planting (greening), railway highway isolation barriers, it can also be used for rivers, dams and seawall anti-scour protection and reservoirs, rivers intercepted cages. Over the years, Wrought Iron Staircase Factory has been exploring a process that can meet the protection requirements of water conservancy slope protection, riverbed and bank stability, and achieve the effect of greening environment, and at the same time economical and convenient. In recent years, this process has begun to surface, it is the Welded Mesh Gabion

The stone cage net application process is a high-strength galvanized steel wire woven into rectangular cages of different specifications, and the cage is filled with a stone structure. After the structure is applied to the protection of the water bank slope, the gap between the stones is continuously filled with mud under the dual action of human and natural factors. Plant seeds gradually rooted and sprouted in the soil between the stones, thriving, and the roots firmly fixed the stones and soil. Such a stone cage network has realized the purpose of protecting and greening the water slope, improving the ecology, and the effect on maintaining the soil and water is also very significant. Therefore, the emergence of the stone cage network solves the water conservancy ecological problem. The advantage of the stone cage network to solve the water conservancy and ecology: 1. It has a good ecological function. The gap between the cages and cages is conducive to the growth of vegetation, only in the cage The surface layer can be sprinkled with soil, which can form a natural environment similar to the original one. 2. The stone cage net is suitable for different roadbed conditions. Because the stone cage net has good flexibility and has a certain tensile strength, even the deformation of the cage will not affect the quality of the project. When the ground settles, the filling of the box will not be scattered, and the cage can adjust the new balance by itself.

Welded Mesh Gabion