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Why Is The Wire Fence Network Treated With Green Dip Powder?

Why is the Welded Wire Mesh Fence treated with green dip powder? In the outdoor fence of the green fence, the surface treatment color is mostly dark green or grass green. The fence net is uniformly treated with dip, so that the PVC layer on the surface is uniform, so that the iron structure of the fence net can be formed into a layer. The protective layer, the PVC layer is stable, and the key to improving the service life of the fence network, but why do Decorative Iron Fence Factory make the PVC layer green? On the one hand, the reason is the environment used by fence nets. Barbed wire fences are generally located in relatively ridiculous places or green areas, such as roads and railways, and outside are fields or wasteland. Green treatment in these places can make fence nets integrate. The environment is less susceptibility. In addition, some fences used in the green belts of cities or city roads are adjacent to the green belts. The green leaves and safflowers echo the green fence network, which is beautiful. On the other hand, green is universally accepted by human vision. Green is the most useful source of material in terms of acceptability and color fatigue compared to other color nets. The material properties of these two aspects are also the most worthy of attention. In short, whether in terms of durability or aesthetics, the use of dip-treated barrier mesh products can form durable, strong and stable protective products, comprehensively enhance the value of the entire material, and more importantly, for fence products. Better maintenance.

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