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Height Selection And Classification Of Iron Mesh Fence

The height of the Welded Wire Mesh Fence is different, depending on the purpose of the consumer. Used in different fields, the height of the iron mesh fence is also different. For example, the height of the iron mesh fence used on both sides of the expressway is generally about 1.8 meters, and the height of the iron mesh fence of the farm is generally about 1.5 meters. In addition, the height of the iron mesh fence used for municipal greening is generally about 80 cm - 1.2 m. So, on different occasions and places. The height of the iron mesh fence used is different.

Factors affecting the price of iron mesh fence

In addition to the different heights, the iron mesh fences also have different wire diameters, different mesh sizes and different surface treatment methods. These conditions are the main factors affecting the price of the iron mesh fence.

Classification of iron mesh fences

According to the different structure, the Decorative Iron Fence is mainly divided into: frame type, double side type, triangular bending type, chain link type, Dutch net, Meige net type and steel plate type. According to different occasions, you should also choose different iron mesh fence products. For example, on both sides of the expressway, there are mostly frame fences and bilateral fences, and barbed ropes are used in some rugged places on the mountain roads. Some development zone companies use frame fences and triangular bend fences. In the stadium, there are more fences in the chain link. Some farms use more Dutch nets. In some cities, the security window is the most. So different products are used in different locations. Iron mesh fence products are widely used, and they are basically found in various fields. All iron mesh fence products are galvanized, dip-coated and spray-coated to achieve anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects, long service life.

Welded Wire Mesh Fence