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How To Choose A Barbed Wire Fence?

Welded Wire Mesh Fence material is equally important for welding and is a well-chosen, robust and safe border wire fence that needs to be carefully selected.

1. The quality of the wire mesh fence. The mesh is welded by the wire rod. The diameter and strength directly affect the quality of the mesh. The wire should be selected from the finished wire produced by the regular manufacturer. The welding and braiding process of the mesh, usually a good mesh, each welding and programming point can be well connected.

2, buy the border of the galvanized pipe barbed wire fence. Galvanized wire mesh fence fence is more resistant to corrosion than the ordinary steel pipe fence. Moreover, the surface of the galvanized wire mesh fence looks brighter and more beautiful.

3. Decorative Iron Fence net column and frame quality. The guardrail column and frame are made of angle steel and round steel, but the angle steel and round steel should be different for different parts.

4. The overall dipping process of the fence mesh is grasped. The overall fence should pay attention to the uniformity of dip, and the quality of the dip must be good.

Welded Wire Mesh Fence