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Course Fence Installation Process

There are two types of stadium fence installation: one is that the frame and the net are welded and then dipped. This is very simple to install, but the net flower of the chain link is not movable, and the leakage is present. The probability is relatively large. After receiving such a good customer, there are mainly three kinds of products, such as mesh, column and accessory screws. It is only necessary to link the mesh and the column with accessories according to the site.

Then there are two types of columns, one is the chassis column, the user needs to purchase the expansion screws locally for installation, the manufacturer generally does not carry out the distribution, and the other is the pre-embedded column, which is another need to dig the pit for cement pouring. A kind of course fence is separate. The goods received by customers are generally divided into columns, horizontal pipes, vertical pipes, chain link nets, and accessory screws. This is required to link the chain link fence on the horizontal pipe and the vertical pipe, provided that Firstly, the cross tube and the vertical tube are interspersed with the accessories. The link between the hook flower net and the tube is also different. There are direct windings, steel bars, and flat iron. The link between the column and the ground is the same. The above is the same, the assembly is relatively cumbersome to install, but it is more beautiful and durable after installation, and the leakage is basically not seen. The mesh of the mesh is also active, so each has benefits. There are also disadvantages.

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