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How Is The Fence Mesh Stored And Shipped?

The storage and shipping of the Welded Wire Mesh Fence seems to be simple, but it is also a method of attention. The common methods of stacking and stacking are concave and convex shapes and X shape. When stacked, they are not piled up indiscriminately, and they are not neatly stacked, but stacked together. There are many types of fence nets, such as triangular bend guardrails, steel net guardrails, frame fence nets, zinc steel guardrails, and so on. Although they all need to be stored in a staggered manner, their storage and shipping are slightly different depending on the type.

Storage of triangular bending fence and double-sided wire fence

This kind of fence mesh is small in size and light in weight, and can carry five or six pieces at a time, so five or ten pieces can be stacked together as one unit, and the next five pieces or ten pieces are placed with them in a staggered manner. The placement is beneficial to both the statistical quantity and the easy handling, which is the crystallization of the wisdom of the laborers. The stack type usually uses a concave and convex shape.

Frame fence net, steel mesh fence, zinc steel guardrail storage

This is a kind of fence net with a large volume and a large weight. If it is manually handled, it can only be one piece at a time, so it needs to be stacked one by one. The staggered method usually adopts an X shape, which is different from the front bump.

Summary: The storage and shipment of the fence net usually has two methods: concave and convex stacking method and X-stagger stacking method. The choice of method depends on the specific type.

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