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What Are The Precautions For Basketball Court Fences?

Everyone knows the basketball court fence network, so what do you know about the basketball court fence network? Today, Welded Wire Fence Factory will explain it to everyone, hoping to help everyone.

The basketball court is a venue for outdoor physical exercise and competition. The large basketball court is a comprehensive sports field. Generally, there is a standard track and field field, and a standard football field or football field is set up in the track and field. The basketball court includes the track and field sheds required for physical education and training, the wind and rain playground, the sports field and other various indoor and outdoor venues, the sports clubs, gymnasiums, gymnastics rooms and other simple fitness and entertainment venues required for mass sports, fitness and leisure activities. A fence mesh is required for these venues. The main points of the isolation fence when laying the basketball court fence are as follows.

1. The basketball court Welded Wire Mesh Fence is generally installed with a fence line of 3 meters high. If it is close to a residential area or the road can reach 4 meters, the fences are generally spaced about 2 meters.

2 Basketball court fence net can use rubberized wire mesh, the mesh size is up to 50 mm * 50 mm, and there is no sharp place in the fence net. Otherwise there will be personal danger.

3. Hide the protruding parts such as the door handle to avoid injury to the athlete.

4. The access door needs to be made into a size that the maintenance equipment can enter and exit. It is generally 2 meters wide and 2 meters wide.

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