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What Is The Production Process Of The Iron Fence?

First: the Welded Wire Mesh Fence needs to be installed and installed on site. The material is made into anti-rust paint twice before the production and installation. During the production process, the positioning size should be accurate. The cutting angle is the grinding point. Ensure that the angle is assembled accurately and accurately. When assembling, the welded parts should be welded flat, the butt joints should be tight, and the flatness should be horizontal and vertical. The welding joint of the welding part must be fully welded, so that the welding joint has no broken seam, no trachoma, the welding joint should be smooth and smooth, and the flatness is up to standard. The wooden handrails are polished and smoothed after entering the processing workshop, and are installed on site when there is no pollution on the construction site.

Second:The Welded Wire Fence Factory made the wrought iron guardrail according to the drawing design requirements and according to the drawings shown in the drawings and the actual size of the site.

Third: the terrace and the entrance wrought iron guardrail are processed into semi-finished products, then sandblasted and rusted to achieve no rust and no trace, and then enter the powder spray workshop. When the powder is applied, the thickness of the powder is evenly distributed, and then enters the baking box. The professional electrostatic spray technicians carry out all-round inspections, and after the correctness, the high temperature baking is performed at 180 degrees to 200 degrees for two hours. After the completion of the production, the inspector carries out the inspection according to the requirements of the drawings. The finished product requires a smooth and clean surface and the overall effect is beautiful and generous. The whole package is packed with plastic wrap to avoid scratch damage during transportation and installation.

Fourth: The wrought iron guardrail is used for the rust removal of the semi-finished steel wire wheel, and the surface is rust-proofed and then treated with a topcoat to ensure the tidy surface of the wrought iron guardrail.

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