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Six Aspects To Be Considered In Installation Of Roadway Iron Fence

Road iron fence is the guardian of modern urban traffic safety, so what problems should be paid attention to in the installation and construction of road iron fence? Now let's take a look at it together with Welded Wire Fence Factory.

Six Aspects to be Considered in Installation of Welded Wire Mesh Fence

First, in the early stage: fully communicate with the owners, carefully study the construction drawings and construction site, precisely and accurately determine the amount of work and formulate a scientific and reasonable construction plan.

2. On-site aspects: to make good arrangements for work during blackouts and water blackouts, strengthen safety and civilized construction management, and maintain clean construction site and smooth traffic.

Third, management: strict planning management; strict labor discipline; pay close attention to quality and safety management.

4. Material: To ensure that high-quality products that meet the requirements of tender documents are provided with reasonable materials, proper site management, timely and safe transportation.

5. Personnel: Reasonably arrange the number of construction workers, through the concept of personnel arrangement of technical workers with general workers, the combination of old and new.

6. Installation conditions: 1. Pavement should be basically flat. (2) Avoiding traffic peak or local traffic control. (3) Construction personnel and construction sections should be equipped with warning signs and safety isolation zones. (4) Temporary stacking and dismantling of the free pavement and the guardrail to be installed. _Equipped with short-distance transport vehicles, transporting goods

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