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The Difference Between Iron Fence And Zinc Steel Fence

Advantages of the Cast Iron fence:

1, natural beauty, heavy, simple, clear.

2, the plasticity is very strong, according to customer requirements, to create a variety of specifications and styles of wrought iron guardrail.

3, easy to install, not subject to terrain fluctuations, suitable for large areas.

4, the price is more affordable.

5, sturdy, durable, reliable connection, good structure.

Advantages of zinc steel guardrails:

1. High-strength zinc alloy is used. After T5 heat treatment, there is no solder joint and the overall strength is greatly improved.

2, the appearance: streamlined appearance, soft tones, can coordinate the surrounding landscape.

3, weather resistance: This product with the characteristics of its aluminum alloy, regardless of air pollution in the city or coastal areas where sea salt corrosion can be used with peace of mind.

From the advantages of both the Welded Wire Mesh Fence and the zinc steel guardrail, it can be seen that the zinc steel guardrail is more expensive than the wrought iron guardrail but has a long service life without frequent maintenance and the surface is smoother than the latter. The iron fence is easier to install than the zinc steel guardrail. The style of the iron fence is not limited.

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