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Features Of Wave Type Guardrail Net

Wave type guardrail net features shared by the Welded wire fence supplier.

1, billow guardrail net has the feature of beautiful and solid commodity, which is convenient to transport and device;

2, wave guardrail good adaptability of commodity device, can connect with the post on the rugged can be adjusted up and down;

3, in the guardrail net transverse four bending reinforcement, so that the waves of guardrail net in all costs to add a few together, so that the net surface strength and aesthetic significantly added, is currently one of the most anticipated guardrail net at home and abroad.

Welded wire fence

4, guardrail column selection of concrete pouring parts, low project cost. After the installation of all high strength and all good stability, according to customer demand can choose PVC spray with excellent anti-corrosion and decoration effect, all the harmony is beautiful. Classics use, beautiful, visual field is open, protective function is outstanding.

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