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How To Choose Open Balcony Guardrail?

For some homeowners who prefer open balconies, unlike closed balconies, they are surrounded by glass, but only part of the fence design, so what kind of fence would be more beautiful to choose?

Simple black-framed glass guardrail, using half of the balcony space to do a guardrail, the upper part of the open design, so that ventilation and comfort have been improved.

If it is used as a laundry balcony, can also be made into an open, sun drying clothes when the sun is faster.

Of course, for most owners, the choice of open balcony design, is to make it into a recreational area, reclining chairs with tea table, and some green planting, anti-corrosion wood, pebble design, very comfortable.

But the open balcony is best to do security measures, in the glass fence outside an invisible anti-theft net, does not affect its beauty, but also more secure.

Wrought Iron Balcony Guardrail are stronger than glass fences, and they don't have to worry about breaking glass and hitting people downstairs, and iron fences are more atmospheric.

The guardrail can also be used to plant flowers and plants, all kinds of pots and green plants can be placed on the guardrail, but also need to do a good job of safety protection, fasten a little tighter, to prevent the pot from falling and hurting people.

This kind of balcony space can make people feel comfortable and incomparable, wooden flooring with wooden modeling, but also make a casual windowsill, sitting on the windowsill against the iron fence, enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window, very comfortable.

Iron fence also has different colors, in addition to the traditional black, you can paint it your favorite paint, such as blue, white are more common, can make the balcony look more beautiful.

After seeing the above Balcony Guardrail Design, have you found anything you like? But to remind the best or to install an invisible fence, especially the iron fence, people do not fall down, it is easy to throw things down, so some protective measures must be done.

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