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Method For Extending The Service Life Of Wrought Iron Balcony Guardrail

1. The Wrought Iron Balcony Guardrail should be placed in a flat place. When loading the car, it should be handled gently to avoid bumping and smashing the paint, which will affect the appearance.

2. Outdoors are dusty every day. Over time, the iron fence will be full of dust. These dusts will affect the color of the iron fence, which will cause damage to the wrought iron protective film. Regularly wipe off the dust with a slightly damp soft cotton fabric to give the protective film its proper function.

3. In case of heavy rain, the water bead should be dried in time after the rain stops to prevent acid rain. If it is foggy, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the water drops on the wrought iron guardrail.

4. If the acid (sulphuric acid, acetic acid) alkali (soda, soapy water) is accidentally dropped on the wrought iron guardrail, rinse the soil with clean water immediately, and then dry it with a dry cotton cloth.

5. For a long time, the Decorative Iron Fence will inevitably rust. At this time, don't make your own claim. Use sandpaper to polish it. This will polish the paint. If the rust is lighter and lighter, apply the cotton yarn to the rust. Wait a little while, and wipe it with a cloth to remove the rust. If there is a large piece of rust, you should ask the relevant technicians for repair. In short, as long as you master some basic maintenance methods of wrought iron guardrails, you can effectively extend the service life of wrought iron guardrails.

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