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What Are The Styles Of Outdoor Balcony Railings?

What are the outdoor balcony railing styles, let Decorative Iron Fence Factory introduce for you

1. Carbon steel guardrail

Pole-style carbon steel guardrails, white PVC armrests and poles with black connectors accent the simplicity and clarity but not monotonous. In addition to the isolation and protection of the balcony of the residential area, the carbon steel balcony guardrail also has a decorative effect, which plays a role in finishing the finishing touch. PVC handrails are harder than wood, more elastic and impact resistant than cast iron, and have a long service life;

2, Wrought Iron Balcony Guardrail

The iron balcony railings feel more classical, with larger changes, more patterns, and styles. With the promotion of modern architecture, the use of wrought iron balcony railings is temporarily low, which is a trend in society.

3, PVC balcony railing

The balcony guardrail is mainly used for the isolation protection of the balcony of the residential area; it is installed by the socket type connector, which can greatly improve the installation speed. The universal joint connection makes the guardrail easy to be at any angle and along the slope or uneven ground. Directional installation, harder than wood, more elastic and high impact resistance than cast iron, long service life; service life of more than 30 years; delicate touch, green and clean, simple and bright, can embellish the appearance of the building, make the environment more Warm and comfortable.

4, clip glass balcony railings

Glass in the middle of the column and armrests, the glass area is small, mainly highlights the column, and the simplicity is particularly strong, suitable for most modern garden balcony railings.

5, steel balcony fence

The middle column, the wire clamp with less than 12CM spacers, for safety reasons, the balcony railings mostly use steel strips, children are easy to climb, the safety is not high, the wire guardrails are mostly in public places such as stairs and flyovers.

6, European balcony railing styles are diverse

7, zinc steel balcony railings do not rust

8, fence type balcony railing

Wrought Iron Balcony Guardrail