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How To Choose The Balcony Guardrail Correctly?

Nowadays, balcony railings are an important basis for ensuring family safety. Therefore, how to purchase balcony railings has become a problem that every homeowner needs to consider seriously.

1, the choice of materials

The balcony railings are exposed to the sun and rain all day, so we must pay attention to the quality of the guardrail.

First of all, the raw materials of the balcony guardrail should be anti-corrosive, waterproof and moisture-proof.

Secondly, the hardness of the raw materials of the balcony guardrail must reach the safety goal of its load-bearing. Because it is required to have a certain anti-deformation function when it is impacted by external force.

In the end, the weight of the balcony railings. Because, regarding different balconies, their load-bearing capacity is different. Especially for the balcony that is suspended, it is not possible to install a balcony railing that is overweight.

2, the choice of aesthetics

The balcony railings are made of different materials, and the visual effects are different.

First of all, the glass balcony railing has a clear appearance and a modern life.

Secondly, the Wrought Iron Balcony Guardrail are elegant due to their cumbersome shape. Different curved plans are used to paint different anti-corrosion paints. The iron balcony railings are also a classic decoration on the balcony.

In general, no matter what kind of balcony material is planned, the balcony railing must have a certain aesthetic appearance. In terms of its visual effect, it can complement the decoration style of the balcony.

3, the choice of size

For the height of the balcony railing, the Balcony Guardrail Manufacturer has standard size requirements.

First, the balcony with a height below 24 meters (low-rise balcony) has a net high demand of 1.05 meters.

Secondly, when the altitude is 24 meters or higher (middle and high-rise balcony), the net height demand of the balcony railing reaches 1.10 meters.

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