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How Should Wrought Iron Balcony Guardrail Be Painted?

The Wrought Iron Balcony Guardrail on the balcony of the house is rusted. I want to brush it myself. What should I do?

1, rust polishing

First, you need to use a sandpaper to polish the rust of the iron railings. Pay attention to the need to clean the rust and all the rust and quick-release paint.

2, rust polishing

First of all, you need to use sandpaper to polish the rust of the Decorative Iron Fence. Be sure to clean the rust and polish the rust and the fast-falling paint.

3, then paint

After the anti-rust paint is applied, the paint on the surface can be brushed. At this time, the paint must be evenly mixed first, so that the color of the paint brushed can be uniform and not easy to fall off.

4, finished product protection

After brushing the paint, you must pay attention to the finished product protection, that is to say, use the paint to touch the paint within 24 hours of brushing the paint. There should also be corresponding protection or tips to prevent them from accidentally touching, waiting for the end of 24 hours. never mind.

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