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Wrought Iron & Ornamental Iron Differences

Wrought Iron & Ornamental Iron Differences

Wrought Iron & Ornamental Iron are two very different classifications of a very similar style of fence. Knowing the differences between the two types of fences and understanding the one right for you is the first step towards saving you both time and money on your fence project.

Understanding the pros and cons of each fence type is critical when deciding the one best for you. Also, you’ll find out which fencing applications are ideal uses for wrought iron and ornamental iron. We’ve gathered the information for you to make an educated decision.
Read more to find out about which style of fencing is right for you.

In this article we will uncover the key differences between these two fence types, including:

  • differences in appearance

  • differences in production

  • How to identify what each is made of

  • Pros & Cons

  • Common Applications

Wrought Iron

Differences In “Iron”

The biggest difference between these two types of fences is the material they are made from.

Wrought Iron fences are made from the raw element of iron. Iron is a naturally occurring standalone substance that can be harvested from the earth.

Many of today’s wrought iron manufacturers add iron silicate to their product. It can be difficult to find a manufacturer that uses true 100% raw iron in their fence materials.

Ornamental “iron” fences are actually made from steel. What is steel? Steel is a man-made product that is created when carbon is combined with iron.

This creates a more affordable product that is easier to work with, but still displays similar properties to that of genuine wrought iron.


Wrought Iron