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How Much Is The Height Of The Balustrade?

The Wrought Iron Stair Railing are the traffic links used to compare the height differences between the floors. In modern architecture, the stairs are not only for practical use, the staircase design is also more ornamental, safe, comfortable, etc., and the height of the stair rails also requires a lot of design considerations.

The height standard for general interior staircase decoration is 90cm. When the length of the stairs exceeds 5 meters, the height of the stair rails can be appropriately raised to 100cm.

In addition, if there are children in the home, it is better to set the stair railing height to 100cm for safety reasons. At the same time, the clearance between the vertical bars of the railings should not be greater than 11cm, and the railings should not be left empty within 10cm of the floor or roof.

So, what is the specification of the height of the balustrade? What is the best height of the stair railing?

First, Wrought Iron Stair Railing Indoor

1. The height of the indoor shared stair handrail shall not be less than 0.9 m from the front of the step to the handrail. When the horizontal handrail is more than 0.5 m long, the height shall not be less than 1 m.

2. The height of outdoor shared stair railings should not be less than 1.05 meters, and the mid-rise and high-rise buildings should not be less than 1.10 meters.

3. When the width of the stairwell is greater than 0.2 m, it is not advisable to use a grate that makes it easy for children to climb. The clearance between vertical bars of the balustrade should not exceed 0.11 m.

Second, the railing

Where the balcony, the veranda, the indoor porch, the inner patio, the roof of the upper man, and the outdoor stairs shall be provided with protective railings, and the following provisions shall be met:

1. The railings shall be made of strong, durable materials and shall withstand the horizontal loads specified in the load code.

2. When the altitude is below 24 meters, the height of the railing should not be lower than 1.05 meters; when the altitude is 24 meters or more (including middle and high-rise residential buildings), the height of the railing should not be less than 1.10 meters.

3. The height of the railing should be calculated from the vertical height of the floor or roof to the top of the railing.

If the bottom has a width greater than or equal to 0.22 meters and the height is less than or equal to 0.45 meters, the step can be calculated from the top surface of the stepable part.

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